paella catering

There is a reason why paella catering for Sydney events receives such glowing endorsements from the city community.

Among all of the 5-star reviews and accolades from local clients, these catering companies continue to deliver excellence.

This can be found from the Inner West to the Hills District and the South-West to the Eastern Suburbs and CBD.


Fresh Cuisine

One of the great benefits for using paella catering for Sydney events is the access to fresh ingredients. Patrons can tell the difference between frozen, processed produce and the real article. This is a dish that is compromised with a number of items that are sourced from local markets in the city. It will feature chicken, saffron, rice, peas, mussels, onions, chorizo, oils, sausages, tomatoes, peppers, prawns and a range of other elements thrown into the mix. Rather than storing stock away and leaving it before being deep fried or reheated, this is food that is taken direct from the market before being ready for the plate.


Delightfully Delicious


The taste has to be experienced firsthand in order to get a true appreciation for paella catering for Sydney events. The meal is seasoned to perfection to give a delicious taste. Of all the catering options that are on the table for hosts, there are plenty of bland cuisines that won’t necessarily hit the mark for patrons. These plates are packed with flavour and spice (where requested) to offer an intoxicating experience for guests. For those men and women who are inviting participants, getting the food component right is half the battle.


Versatile & Healthy Dishes

For small intimate gatherings to large-scale weddings and parties, paella catering for Sydney events covers all possible bases. Dishes are cooked to order, with the aid of frying pans and woks giving chefs the chance to cater to dozens of tables within the span of one single sitting. This is beneficial to cut down on long waiting lines and offering the chance to even establish a buffet-style environment where guests can plate their own food. For those who are vegetarian or monitoring their weight, there are plenty of healthy properties with most paella meals including doses of iron, omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A and selenium.


Very Affordable

For hosts who want to really manage their finances, there are plenty of benefits for contacting paella catering for Sydney events. This Spanish delicacy stands out as a cost-efficient option, particularly when it is compared to Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, French, Japanese and American cuisine selections. On a per person or per table basis, local customers really do get quality and quantity for their investment, ensuring that extra cash can be saved for other departments of the event itself.


Easy Logistics to Manage

There are very low overheads to manage when hosts decide to call upon paella catering for Sydney events. Many of these local providers across the city can be ready within a 24-48 hour window, delivering quality dishes with minimal space required. Some specialists will prefer access to the domestic kitchen while others can have their heating outlets and station placed remotely. All of the cooking and cleaning duties are carried out by these professionals, relieving much of the stress and pressure of having to manage an event regardless of the size.


The best approach for hosts is to contact paella catering for Sydney events early in the piece. Inform them about dates, times, numbers, dietary requirements, event access and the budget. Once these topics have been breached, it will be easy to setup a service that ticks all of the right boxes.